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10 January 2023

Simply become a #XEEMFLUENCER

Become a XeemFluencer now!

Do you know someone who fits in perfectly with a Xeem Challenge or would like to gain more practical experience and is full of ideas? Then invite your friends now to register on app.xeem.de and take part in a challenge.
You will of course be rewarded for this and can secure cash prizes.

When and how you benefit:

You will be credited with €20 for each referred person who takes part in a challenge.
The payment is always made after the challenge has been completed and is checked in advance by the Xeem team.

How it works?

First, if you haven't already done so, you generate your personal invitation link and send it to friends,
Known or various groups. Whether by email, WhatsApp or Instagram.
As soon as one of your invited friends takes part in a challenge, you will be notified by email.
You can also track down here in the portal which of your referred friends have taken part in challenges.