Support Students and Network Them With the Business Community

Enable Your Students Exclusive Access to Companies and Valuable Real-World Experiences

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Career Boost

Gives students the easiest access to top companies and takes your professional network to a new level


Improve your external perception and position yourself as a future-oriented university.

Practical experience

Provides students with valuable hands-on experience through real-world business projects


Get exclusive access to events, trade shows and top companies

Talents About Xeem

Promoting Exceptional Talents

On Xeem, companies organize online challenges for students from all over Germany. Seize the opportunity to promote your top talent and connect them with the business community.

Give them access to future-oriented companies and unique events. Let your talents set up great future projects.

Provide your students with direct access and influence to the business community:
Start a cooperation with Xeem as well and ensure your students a head start towards the future.

New Challenges

ALDI SOUTH | Smart Automation

How can the processes and procedures in the ALDI SOUTH stores be made even smarter to make the work of the employee:s easier and at the same time improve the customer experience?

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World Club Dome | Mindblowing Festival

Create together with your friends: THE extraordinary, unforgettable and unique festival experience that no one should miss - Show us your visions!

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HOERBIGER | Future Technology

Where else can HOERBIGER use piezo technology in the future to solve relevant problems, shape the future and make the world a better planet?

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