Headerbild Xeem Zertifikate in LinkedIn Kachelbild Xeem Zertifikate in LinkedIn
10 January 2023

Tutorial: Xeem Certificate on LinkedIn

The perfect LinkedIn profile featuring Xeem

Look for the Certificates tab in your Xeem profile (on app.xeem.de):

With a click on the closed eye you set the certificate to "publicly visible".
This will bring up new buttons that you can use to share the certificate on other platforms.
For example on LinkedIn.
Attention: The button only appears when the eye is open.

Download certificate as PDF

It is always possible to download the certificate as a PDF for your application.
The button with the arrow down (download) is there for you. You can use this button
Click with both “publicly visible” (eye open) and “invisible” (eye closed) certificates.

Embed certificate in LinkedIn

You can integrate the generated link, for example, under "URL of the proof" with the certificate ID in LinkedIn:

Link certificate to LinkedIn Skills

In addition, it has recently been possible to link one's own knowledge in the profile with the certificate on LinkedIn.
The certificates then appear prominently and visually under the respective knowledge.