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For Participants

Xeem is an online platform that brings companies and young adults together through short online challenges, thereby promoting innovation. Using practical problems and tasks, interdisciplinary teams develop solutions, impulses and ideas via a video call. And that within just two hours. This not only gives you the chance to make great contacts, but also to receive prize money and a certificate.

Participation is 100% free for you! You even have the chance of great cash and material prizes. The winning team is also awarded a certificate.

You must be at least 18 years old to take part in the challenge. Otherwise, challenges are open to all young adults who no longer want to hide their potential. You don't have to bring any special expertise or skills with you. Rather, you should be open and want to work together in a team on exciting ideas.

All you need to take part in a challenge is a laptop or smartphone with an internet connection. Then you simply have to register at Sign up. After you have provided some information about yourself and your abilities in your profile, you can start with the first challenges. To do this, go to the challenge selection, where you can click and read through various challenge descriptions. If you like a challenge and there are still enough free places, you can click on the "Participate" button to officially take part in a challenge. After you have found a team in the waiting room, the video call starts right away!

To participate in a challenge, all you need is a laptop or smartphone with an internet connection. Then you register on Xeem, choose your favorite challenge and can easily participate with other users or directly with your own team (usually from 2 people). Within a video call you develop ideas together in a relaxed atmosphere and record them directly in the creative space.

A challenge usually lasts 2 hours. If you and your team are finished earlier simply complete the challenge via the "Finish Challenge" button.

On the one hand, you have the chance to come into contact with companies and to be discovered as a talent or new employee. In addition, the winning team with the best idea selected by the company receives great prizes in kind or in cash. The type and scope of the prizes will be determined by the respective organizer of the challenge. If there are fewer than four participants in your team, a cash prize will be divided equally between the number of teams. In addition, the winners are awarded a certificate.

After the challenge is closed and all teams have submitted their ideas, these will be sent to the challenge organizer. He is responsible for selecting a winning team. In order to increase your chances, your team and you should orientate ourselves on the basis of the specific task.

With challenges you have the opportunity to win prizes in kind as well as cash prizes. If you belong to a winning team and receive prize money, you are responsible for the taxation yourself. But don't worry, it's a minimal effort.

The ideas that emerged during a challenge still belong to you. Companies receive a simple right of use and can talk to you afterwards if they want to acquire extended rights of use for your idea. It can also happen that cooperations arise between you and the company. In this case, you would continue to work on the idea together.

Everything is easy! If the challenge is still running, simply return to the page of the challenge and click on the participation button again at the bottom.

A Challenge runs between 2 - 3 months. You will be notified by mail about the completion of a Challenge. Then it takes about 2 weeks until the company has read and evaluated all ideas. During the vacation season it can take a little longer. But you will receive the result after 4 weeks at the latest.

Since we have to collect the bank details from all teams and individual participants, it may take longer. But at the latest after 2 weeks the money should be there. In the case of a non-cash prize, it depends on the company and can therefore take a little longer. But don't worry, sooner or later you will all receive your well-deserved prizes.

For Companies

Xeem is an online platform that brings companies and young adults, such as students, together through short online challenges and thereby promotes innovations. Using practical problems and tasks, interdisciplinary teams develop new approaches, impulses and ideas via a video call. Your company not only benefits from external impulses and the innovative strength of young people, you also get access to the talent pool and can show which exciting topics your company deals with.

A challenge is an open task or problem. The challenge should not be designed in such a way that there can only be one correct solution, as is the case with an arithmetic problem, for example. Rather, it should not be too restrictive and should be formulated in such a way that different ideas can arise. Interdisciplinary teams then work on the challenge within a video call and develop exciting ideas and solutions for you. An example of a challenge would be: "How can you improve the driving experience while driving an autonomous car?"

You can search for an exciting topic within your company and bring up a challenge idea yourself. If you have not yet had a suitable topic in mind, we will be happy to support you. We are happy to arrange a virtual meeting or a personal workshop for this purpose. After consultation with us, the challenge will be made public.

With Xeem we offer you a simple infrastructure for organizing an online challenge. In order to organize a challenge with us, you need a topic or a task (see "What is a challenge?") Through which young adults have the opportunity to show their potential. After this step, we will put the challenge online for you and Xeem users will have access to your challenge for 1-3 months. Now up to 20 teams develop exciting ideas within two hours as part of a video call. After the challenge has expired, you will receive the results and, at the same time, a skills profile including the contact details of the participants. Take advantage of the opportunity today to attract young talents and raise the innovative strength of your company to a new level.

After the challenge you will receive the ideas of all participating teams. You are free to decide which team has submitted the best idea for your company. You will then give us feedback on which team has won.

First, you choose a winning team. Then tell us the winners and we will simply send you the bundled contact and bank details of the winning team. This means that you can easily transmit your prize to the winning team.

In addition to the challenge ideas, you get access to the contact details and skills of the participants. This gives you the opportunity to attract new talents for your company and to contact you directly by email.

A challenge gives you a simple right of use. This allows you to freely use the ideas for your company. In addition, you have the opportunity to work on the ideas that have emerged together with the teams.

During a live pitch, the participants present the results of their challenge directly to your company. This gives you the direct chance to get into a personal exchange with young talents, get them excited about your company and at the same time ask questions about their ideas and results.