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Train your future skills and find your dream job

Xeem is an online platform where you can find an amount of different challenges created by companies. If you are interested in a company or challenge description you can participate in a micro-challenge that lasts no more than two hours. You will be sorted in a team of four. Within your team you will develop some ideas and impulses belonging to the topic. Thus, you train automatically your „Future Skills” like ability to work in a team or problem-solving skills. With every participation your team and you have the chance to win great prizes for the best challenge idea.

After each challenge you will receive a feedback of your team members. The feedback will be visualized in a skill shape showing your own strengths and weaknesses in order to the Future Skills. This empowers you to better reflect your own and push your self-knowledge. Based on your own skill shape Xeem will show you suitable links to products and services to further improve and train your skills and grow your potential. For example: podcasts, events, online courses or books.

On Xeem you will overcome the limits of professional self-realisation.

Benefit from Xeem


Take part in exciting challenges to train future skills and win great prizes


Win great prizes together with your team


Get a certificate for each challenge and attach them your CV with it


Get to know companies more easily and use the chance to find your dream job

Take part in Challenges

Develop your skills and get to know companie

On Xeem different challenges are offered by companies. By participating you will learn to quickly find your way into new tasks, to be a good team player and to convince companies of your creative ideas and solutions. Together with a generated team of four you will take part in an online challenge, which will last a maximum of two hours.
You can easily create an interactive presentation for the respective company using a given template. Your results will be evaluated by companies. This gives you the opportunity to be discovered by companies and to win great prizes.

Start now with your first challenge!

No matter where you are, with Xeem,
you can train your future skills and
get in touch with companies.

The Team Behind Xeem

Janine Weirich

Co-Founder | Head of Business Development

Géraldine Ulrichs

Co-Founder | Head of Marketing

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