Future Skills

Relevant Skills for the Future

What are the Future Skills?

Future skills are future relevant soft and digital skills

Due to the digital transformation and the changing labour market, certain skills are becoming more relevant. These skills are not only designed for a specific field of activity, but can be transferred to a wide variety of tasks and areas. Among other things, these cross-cutting skills enable a person to adapt to changing conditions.

Future Skills include agility, creativity, a sense of responsibility, problem-solving skills and the ability to work in a team. Organizational talent and the use of digital media are also becoming increasingly popular in many industries.

Auf Xeem werden die Future Skills in insgesamt vier Bereiche unterteilt:

Self-Management, Innovation-Strength, Team-Spirit, Problem-Solving Competence.

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Problem-Solving Competence




Through practice-oriented micro-challenges, the future skills are trained together in a team

The users receive feedback from the team members and gain a better self-knowledge of their skills

Through appropriate training solutions, users can improve their skills

Cooperation with other users not only increases motivation, it also helps the users to grow beyond themselves

The visual representation of one's own abilities helps users to better reflect about themselves

How are they trained on Xeem?

The users train the Future Skills directly in practice

One of the essential advantages of Xeem is the practice-oriented learning of Future Skills.

In interdisciplinary teams and through learning by doing, users acquire Future Skills through micro-challenges.
In addition, Xeem provides suitable training solutions.


On Xeem, users learn better self-management.

This, together with proactive action, ensures that during a challenge, own ideas and thoughts are introduced into the team.

Users are encouraged to step out of the comfort zone and will encounter new participants and topics with each challenge.

At the same time, they learn to act independently, have better time management and become aware of their own strengths and weaknesses.


Innovation, curiosity and creativity, which help to generate new ideas, are also trained on Xeem.

By participating in a challenge and dealing with a specific topic or problem, users are put in the position to work on new possibilities and innovations.


On Xeem you will become a true team player

By working together in a team, which requires a challenge, the users acquire above all an improvement in their social skills.

This trains their ability to work in a team. This includes, for example, the willingness to cooperate and collaborate, which helps them to work better and more effectively in a team.

Problem-Solving Competence

Xeem challenges, however, also train critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Due to the short challenge duration of a maximum of two hours, it is important that the users keep their focus and master the task in a solution- and goal-oriented manner.

The Team Behind Xeem

Janine Weirich

Co-Founder | Head of Business Development

Géraldine Ulrichs

Co-Founder | Head of Marketing

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