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Finding suitable employees with Future Skills

Xeem is an online platform for open innovation as well as innovative recruiting.

Companies upload challenges to Xeem — short tasks or problems that represent relevant business areas. In this way, talents (e.g. students) become aware of the company and interested parties are attracted. Interested talents take part in the challenges via video call and develop location-independent ideas within a team. Thus, companies gain access to external impulses and can increase their own innovative strength. In addition, Xeem gives companies access to motivated, talented and creative minds that could be a good fit with their own team and mindset. Xeem transforms an expensive hackathon into an affordable online format and enables innovative recruiting.

Benefits of Xeem


Host low-cost online challenges to save resources as time or money


Discover talents and potential employees taking part in your challenge


Gain new ideas, food for thought and external impulses and improve internal innovation


Use Xeem as marketing and show the young generation what your company deals with

Our Customers

Here is a selection of companies that are hosting a challenge on Xeem.
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Talents Problem-Solver Teamplayer Organisation-Heroes Creative-Thinker

With Xeem you can find new talents, potential employees and freelancers

On the basis of a concrete task of your challenge you will get to know participants with their skills and strengths. A Xeem-challenge enables your company to quickly meet potential, suitable and well-qualified employees.

Establish direct contact with talents!

Create an online challenge

Gain insights into the innovative power and talent of young people

As a company, you have the opportunity to upload micro-challenges to the Xeem platform. Users can then participate in the challenges online in teams of four. Once a challenge has ended, you can access the results and contact the team members directly.

Benefit from external ideas

Challenges offer you new ideas, impulses and approaches

The results of a challenge can be the first step into a new future business for your company. Within a set time frame, new ideas are created by an open field of participants consisting of young adults.

Xeem-challenges provides new impulses to bring a breath of fresh air into your company.

Use Xeem as a marketing strategy

Through Xeem you can draw attention to your company

On Xeem you have the opportunity to find not only exciting talents and ideas. Publish topic-related advertisements, such as for a job posting or a new degree program. Before a challenge, you can also place an advertising video.

Use Xeem to draw attention to your company!

The Team Behind Xeem

Janine Weirich

Co-Founder | Head of Business Development

Géraldine Ulrichs

Co-Founder | Head of Marketing

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