About Us

From a Bachelor idea to an own start-up

How it all began

We are the two female founders of Xeem

We are Géraldine Ulrichs and Janine Weirich, the two founders of Xeem. We got to know each other during our studies of Interactive Media Design at the University of Darmstadt. In numerous joint projects, we have become a well-rehearsed team that always communicates at eye level and harmonizes perfectly with each other.

As the basis for our joint bachelor project "Xeem", we wrote a research paper on the topic "The digital transformation of the job market". One of the main findings of our work was that the skills that will change are those that will become increasingly important in the future - the so-called Future Skills. Therefore it became our mission to develop a concept how to train these Future Skills in the best possible way. This is where our idea and the concept of our start-up was born: Xeem - training and networking platform.

What's next

We have a mission

Due to our huge enthusiasm for the topic, the positive feedback for Xeem and our versatile project experiences, we quickly made the decision: We are going to build up our own company.
Since 01.01.2020 we are supported with our foundation project by the Hessen Ideen - Stipendium. The scholarship gives us the opportunity to work full-time on Xeem and bring our vision to life. In the next six months we will devote more time to the implementation of our online platform. Currently we are already planning the first challenges with companies that we could inspire with Xeem. If you or your company would like to organize one of the first Xeem-Challenges together with us, we would be happy if you contact us.

Our Customers

Here is a selection of companies that are hosting a challenge on Xeem.
If you would like to have a challenge on Xeem, please contact us by mail. We look forward to get in touch with you.

Our Partners

We are incredibly grateful that we already have some partners and supporters at our side at the beginning of our journey.
If you would also like to support us on our founding journey, we would be delighted to receive an email from you.

Hessen Ideen – Stipendium

Lab3 e.V.

HUB31 – Gründerzentrum

Vodafone – Pacesetter


Xeem makes it to the semi-finals of Hessischer Gründerpreis 2020.

Finally the beta version of our online platform with first challenges from Red Bull or SAP is online!
Now on app.xeem.de.

Xeem wins the Start Up Award for the category "New Work" at the DIGITAL FUTUREcongress in Frankfurt on 18.02.2020

We are one of the Hessen Ideen Stipendiaries 2020 and can now work full-time on our start-up.
Photo credits: Science Park Kassel GmbH

The Team Behind Xeem

Janine Weirich

Co-Founder | Heas of Business Development

Géraldine Ulrichs

Co-Founder | Head of Marketing

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